Frac Spread Count Report End Of Year Report

Our most comprehensive report yet, leveraging our unique databases and industry intelligence to offer transparency to U.S. shale activity (+ a bit of Canada) while providing clarity to global oil and gas markets.

Contents of the Report:
The State of U.S. Shale 2019
The Operator Lag Story
Canadian Operator Activity
WTI Charts
Frac Job Count Charts
Frac Spread Count Demand Charts

+ A Detailed Frac Spread Supply update
- Pressure Pumper and Region by Horsepower & Spread totals
- Frac Spread Count Supply Charts
- Operator Compliance Research
- Refrac reporting by region, operator, pumper and consumable

+ Unique insights led by oil and gas analyst Mark Rossano covering relevant global oil and gas industry topics with a focus on:
- Refined product demand
- Petrochemical flow
- Global debt growth
- Recent IPO, M&A, MLP and Royalty Company Research


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