Primary Vision is a big data company focused on downhole consumables, frac spreads and refracs.

Primary Vision monitors global frac’ing activity and delivers highly accurate industry data to clients so that they can make better decisions, develop more effective strategies and identify market trends. Those who rely on our services include operators, pumpers, upstream participants (water, proppant and chemical companies), news organizations and financial institutions. Our database provides hyper detail into well-level consumables and our flagship product the Frac Spread Count, has revolutionized how frac’ing activity is monitored.

Operator and Pressure Pumper Frac Data
We’ve been tracking U.S. well consumables since 2012. We curate, validate and distribute one of the cleanest and most powerful water, proppant and chemical frac data sets available today. Get a free sample here.

Frac Spread Count
We're also the home of the Primary Vision Frac Spread Count

We developed one of the first commercial frac spread report and data products in the United States, which accounts for the highest daily value of active frac spreads, providing valuable insight into the health of the entire frac'ing industry on a weekly basis.

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We created the first report and data products solely focused on refracturing wells in the United States. Learn more here

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