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Primary Vision strives to help businesses unlock value, reduce costs, and maximize profits by leveraging our Big Data capabilities. Our success depends on ensuring your success.

Primary Vision is currently focusing its leading-edge, web-based technological capabilities on the oil & gas industry. The oil & gas industry directly or indirectly influences all others, and hydrocarbons are an input at some point in the lifecycle of virtually every product and service. The oil & gas industry, especially in the upstream segment responsible for producing hydrocarbons, has experienced rapid growth and seen massive investments in recent years. Innovation in the oilfield – namely, the combination of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing technologies – has transformed the energy landscape in North America, particularly in the United States.

The US and Canada have seen a surge of drilling and completion activity targeting shale and tight formations. The development of these unconventional domestic energy sources have helped reduce dependence on foreign oil and gas imports and help ensure continued energy security. The immense supply of shale gas and tight gas, in particular, is expected to soon allow the US and Canada to become net exporters of the fuel. Moreover, natural gas is seen as a cleaner-burning “bridge fuel” that has roughly 50% fewer greenhouse gas emissions relative to coal.

Primary Vision, Inc. provides our customers with unique analytical tools and access to value-added data on the use of water, proppant, and chemicals in hydraulic fracturing.

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Our Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions empower our Clients to use data as a standalone asset or pair with other data sources to make smarter and faster decisions.

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Our software is implemented as a collection of modules that can be configured in different combinations to provide customized variants of the software according to the needs of our Clients.

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Frac Water Vision

Water is fundamental to frac’ing because it does the job of creating fractures in the rock and it serves as the carrier fluid for proppant and chemicals. The volume of water pumped downhole during a frac treatment can range from as little as 5,000 barrels (~200,000 gallons) for a well with a vertical orientation and can exceed more than 300,000 barrels (~13 million gallons) for a horizontal well with an extended-reach lateral. In some cases, nitrogen, carbon, or liquefied petroleum gas replace water as a substitute frac fluid carrier.

Frac Proppant Vision

Proppant creates fracture conductivity, a product of permeability and fracture width. It works to overcome the natural closure pressure of the formation. Put more simply, the function of proppant is to “prop open” the fractures in the reservoir once the frac treatment is complete and allow oil and gas to flow from the formation through the wellbore.

There are three main types of proppant: raw frac sand, ceramic proppant, and resin-coated proppant. Raw frac sand is comprised of silica, the world’s second most abundant element. Ceramic proppant is typically made of sintered bauxite. Resin-coated proppant (RCP) uses either raw frac sand or ceramic proppant as a substrate.

Frac Chemical Vision

Chemicals pumped downhole during hydraulic fracturing operations—often referred to as stimulation chemicals—serve a variety of purposes. In general, stimulation chemicals influence the viscosity and flow characteristics of the fluid and have the effect of treating the formation by maintaining or increasing conductivity and permeability. For example, many chemicals facilitate the placement of proppant or prevent damage to the formation. Other chemicals are used for flow assurance, which improves future production.

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